Preferred air classifier for crushed sand processing and removal of fines out of coarse material

The crushed sand produced in the natural stone industry often does not meet the requirements for the grain composition of concrete aggregate; in particular, the proportion of fine grains in the crushed sand is often too high and must be largely removed.
If the granules produced by the crusher and pre-screened at 5 mm to 1 mm are not too wet and can be dispersed in the air flow, the fine or filler portion of the granules can be separated from the coarse portion by air separation using a cost and energy-efficient process.
It is often also possible to market the left over fines.

Compact air classifier

Typ: USF E

SCHMIDT-classifier with a common drive for the main fan and the counter-wing system that is positively coupled to it. The material is fed through a central inlet on top.

Typ: USF R

SCHMIDT classifier with two separately adjustable drives for the main fan and the fineness control screen for varying the fineness of the discharge material. The material is fed in over a lateral inlet using a tubular screw conveyor.

Cyclone air classifier

Typ: ZU

Our comprehensive range of air classifiers of different types for fine grinding is aimed at a wide range of customers in mechanical process engineering plant construction. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of fine material separation from feed materials in a single classifying pass or in the circulation grinding process, we can offer competent support in the selection and design of dispersed air classifiers and airflow classifiers.