Air classifier for fine material production

Our comprehensive range of air classifiers of different types for fine grinding is aimed at a wide range of customers in mechanical process engineering plant construction. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of fine material separation from feed materials in a single classifying pass or in the circulation grinding process, we can offer competent support in the selection and design of dispersed air classifiers and airflow classifiers.

Dispersing air classifier

High-performance classifying systems for fine particle separation usually consist of a classifying unit, one or more cyclon separators and a fan for circulating air

Airstream classifier

Airflow classifier for use in air flow grinding systems with:
– static fineness control through adjustable baffles (type LS-Z)
– dynamic fineness control through rotating basket rotor (type LS-ZK)
– dynamic fineness control and tangential air inlet (type LS-SK)